IDEAS Fellows Contribute to New Seismology Citizen Science Project

“Seismology has a Big Data problem. Northwestern University seismologists think everyday citizens are the solution. This winter, a Northwestern team of students and faculty launched “Earthquake Detective,” an interactive project that solicits help from volunteers to sort through swaths of data from the world’s tens of thousands of seismograms. By sorting and classifying earthquakes, tremors […]

IDEAS Trainee Boris Rösler’s Research Featured in NU-IT Newsletter

During the Summer of 2018, IDEAS Trainee Boris Rösler completed his internship requirement for the IDEAS program by working at Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS).  Rösler is pursuing a PhD student in Earth and Planetary Sciences, working with IDEAS co-I, Prof. Suzan van Der Lee, and his research involves source processes of earthquakes and the […]

IDEAS Trainees Awarded Prestigious Fellowships

In the 2017-2018 academic year, two IDEAS Trainees–Vicky Chuqiao Yang and Alex Gurvich–were awarded prestigious fellowship grants for their continuing research. Vicky, who is a graduate student in the department of Engineering Science and Applied Mathematics, was awarded the Sante Fe Institute Omidyar Postdoctoral Fellowship. This fellowship “sets the standard for multidisciplinary postdoctoral programs, encouraging […]

IDEAS Trainees Win 2018 Computational Research Day Visualization Competition

This week, winners were announced for Northwestern University’s 2018 Computational Research Day Visualization Competition.  Two IDEAS Trainees were among the three entrants awarded. The title of “Best Animation” went to Alex Gurvich, for his Stellar Feedback vs. Galaxy Formation visualization. Alex’s project “presents a high resolution animation of a simulation of stellar feedback and resulting galaxy formation with three varied results side by side”. […]

Trainee Jimmy Kim is Invited Speaker at SIAM Event

On March 1st, IDEAS Trainee Jimmy Kim (Physics and Astronomy) was chosen to speak at the Winter quarter “Bridging the Gap” seminar, hosted by Northwestern’s Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM).  The seminar’s focus was to highlight the broad applications of mathematics across diverse disciplines. Kim, and one other student, were selected from those that applied to […]

IDEAS Trainees and PI’s Participate in Ground-breaking Research Discoveries

October 2017 was a busy month for our trainees and co-Investigators, as demonstrated by ground-breaking announcements made in two different science fields. These discoveries relied heavily on a particular, and sophisticated method of data analysis that is similar in both areas of study. On Oct. 5, new findings on the subtle changes in tremor that occur before […]