Board of Advisors

PeterBreunig Peter Breunig
Former General Manager Tech Management and Architecture, Chevron (Retired)

Mr. Peter Breunig served as General Manager of Technology Management and Architecture at Chevron IT. Mr. Breunig spent over 30 years at Chevron in upstream technical support, application and research. He has been Chairman of Oil and Gas Customer Advisory Board at Maana, Inc. since September 2015.


Connolly-Andrew-11-681x1024Andrew Connolly
Professor of Astronomy, University of Washington; LSST Data Management

Andrew Connolly has been a Professor a UW since 2007.  His work has focused principally on large astronomical surveys such as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and the Large Synoptic Sky Survey. He currently runs the UW data management group for LSST which works on developing software, analyzing the data that will come out of the LSST, and he also runs the LSST simulation group–which is developing high fidelity simulations of the data LSST researchers expect to find. His science focuses on analyzing large astronomical data sets to study the formation and evolution of galaxies and cosmology, using techniques such as photometric redshifts.


Lattuca_Lisa_lgLisa Lattuca
Professor of Higher Education, University of Michigan

Lisa R. Lattuca studies curriculum, teaching, and learning in college and university settings. Her research focuses on how curricular, instructional, and organizational conditions shape students’ educational experiences and learning outcomes. She is currently studying the impact on student learning and persistence in STEM majors of the M-STEM Academies at the University of Michigan, and the use of vertically integrated project teams that engaged intergenerational groups of students in team projects driven by faculty research in a consortium of 20 U.S. colleges and universities.

Dr. Lattuca is also well known for her work on interdisciplinary in higher education settings, and is studies how various programmatic features, from faculty beliefs to program and curricular arrangements, affect students’ learning in interdisciplinary major programs.


al_sattelberger_2xAl Sattelberger
Former Deputy Laboratory Director for Programs, Argonne National Laboratory (Retired)

Alfred P. Sattelberger was the Deputy Laboratory Director for Programs, Chief Research Officer, and Senior Intelligence Official at Argonne National Laboratory. He was responsible for managing the interactions of Argonne’s scientific programs with federal, state, and local stakeholders, including DOE and other sponsors, and for building relationships with other national laboratories, the university community, and international collaborators that enable new groundbreaking research and large-scale programs.

Sattelberger retired from Argonne in 2017 after serving as the Associate Laboratory Director (ALD) for Physical, Biological and Computing Sciences, ALD for Physical Sciences, Interim ALD for Applied Sciences and Technology, and ALD for Energy Engineering and Systems Analysis.


Mike Stringer
Partner, Data Scientist and Cofounder, Datascope Analytics

Mike is co-founder and partner of Datascope Analytics, a Chicago data-driven consulting and design firm. He often speaks about creatively using data at conferences and leads the rapidly-growing Data Science Chicago group.

At Datascope Analytics, Mike has led and contributed to projects across a variety of industries for clients such as Procter & Gamble, Thomson Reuters, and other well-known companies. Stringer received a BS in Engineering Physics from the University of Colorado and a PhD in Physics from Northwestern University. Named a Data Hero by DataKind, Mike is passionate about using data to make a positive impact on business and society.


WoodwardBob Woodward
IRIS Director of Instrumentation Services, IRIS Headquarters